Walter is an amazing speaker - disruptive, entertaining, with a deep understanding of where the future will take us.

Benjamin Ruschin

Inspiring, thrilling, captivating

Amelie Groß

Walter, we definitely need more people like you!

Michael Altrichter

I met Walter while keynoting an event together. He is amazing at reading between the lines.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

I am impressed by Walter’s lateral and forward thinking of renewable energy solutions!

Heather Mills

A conversation with him inspires and boosts one's own self.

Mathias Gruber


Entrepreneur, leading figure of the energy transition, passionate mountainbiker and father of twins.

He inspires. He motivates. He fills the audience with enthusiasm and encourages reflection. Walter feels confident that we can “electrify” the world with renewable energies. He demonstrates this every day anew as a successful entrepreneur leading a highly motivated team. As a visionary and passionate advocate of the energy transition, Walter illuminates the past, questions the status quo and – in his very unique and fascinating way – points out to solutions that seem immediately achievable and economically viable.










taken from real life

Walter thinks holistically, acts sustainably and sets himself clear goals. This is also reflected in his personal life story.

It's time for change

Four years of neoom: At the 4th birthday party #neoomlive04 on March 31, 2023, neoom presented its latest updates. Inspiring keynotes, exciting panel discussions with experts and the presentation of the neoom Award made the event complete.

Tomorrows's Legacy Retreat 2023 / Madrid

Shaping a new tomorrow: How can the next generation of family entrepreneurs find new ways to lead their businesses to success while transforming and adapting them to new market demands?

Free City – Off to new horizons

In order to start the first phase of Free City, the “booting”, the progress of construction was presented to tenants, regional politicians and Leonore GewesslerMinister of Climate Protection, in the course of an exclusive preview, including a tour of the construction site. neoom was there as an anchor tenant with its employees and board members Walter Kreisel and Philipp Lobnig.

Photos by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Greentech Festival

Phantor wins the Innovation Award at the Green Tech Festival

“Our innovations make the world a better place,” says neoom founder Walter Kreisel. The latest award proves him right: Imhotep.Industries was awarded the GREEN Award in the field of innovation for the PHANTOR water generator at the GREENTECH Festival in Berlin. Yet another award for the neoom group.

neoom group is Ernst & Young "Scale-Up" of the year

Ernst & Young honors neoom group with the Scale-Up Award in the category “Sustainability and Green Tech”. “Scale-ups are not only drivers of innovation, but also essential cornerstones of the business location,” says the international consulting firm.


When the most renowned opinion leaders of the clean tech, energy and electromobility industry gather in Freistadt, Upper Austria, the occasion can only be an event organized by the clean tech company neoom.

neoom group achieves biggest milestone in history!

The neoom group is convinced that results in sustainable energy generation and use must be seen as quickly as possible. This requires the development of new technologies, the expansion of production capacities and sales locations, and new know-how in the form of committed employees. With the investment round CENTUM, which generated a sum of 11 million euros, the company can continue to be a driver for new technologies on the market.

Setting the pace for the energy transition – two years of neoom

For two years now, the neoom group has been setting the pace when it comes to efficient energy systems in which hardware and software seamlessly interact. At neoomlive02 on March 31, 2021, we took the opportunity to look back on two successful years. At the same time, there was also a lot of talk about the future.

Repeatedly awarded with the Energy Globe Award

Imhotep.Industries – a neoom group company – wins the Energy Globe 2020. In Upper Austria and even nationwide, PHANTOR – the mobile water giant – was able to secure the victory in the category water. In addition, the project became the overall winner in the public voting. A great success for Imhotep.Industries, a spin-off of the neeom group.

Entrepreneurship at neoom – Imhotep.Industries launched successfully

The neoom group is pleased to announce another milestone in the company’s history: thanks to its immense innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit, the neeom group has been enriched by a promising subsidiary. This step is also an impressive testimony to the effectiveness of the neoom Leadership Program.

neoom First Year and More Livestream

The big birthday livestream #neoomlive01 on Tuesday the 31.3. was a great success. Exactly one year to the day after the successful trademark registration of neoom, it was the perfect occasion for a look behind the scenes and an opportunity to get to know the people of the company.

#10minutes POdcast

Under the title #10minutes Walter creates a campaign around a video podcast, which, in light of the current corona crisis, deals with another major problem of our time – climate change. Because while in the case of Covid-19 we can only react, it is already 5 past 12, there is still the chance to act proactively in the fight against climate change.

neoom A look back on a brilliant year 2019

2019 was the biggest year for Walter’s company so far. By 2019, the products of neoom and NTUITY had already reduced CO2 emissions by ~800 tons!

Kali Kimanzi

Walter Kreisel, the entrepreneur from Freistadt, Austria, brings a young talent from Kenya to Mühlviertel, where he studies and works and later brings software for energy solutions back to Africa.

PHantor - The mobile Water Giant

Walter Kreisel recognizes water shortage as a global challenge and launches the high-performance AWG PHANTOR, which he develops with his team. Red Bull Innovator and Die Macher report on the innovation that can save lives.

Energy and Water.

With the neoom group gmbh, Walter introduces the neoom product family and the NTUITY energy revolution platform. Neoom consists of modular and perfectly matched products for power generation, power storage and energy distribution. NTUITY is the next level in energy optimization: distributed, redundant and open.


Fueled by top athlete Lukas Kaufmann, Walter fulfilled himself another life goal: to complete a marathon before his 40s. Before that it was 365 days no alcohol and lose 13kg, because “to bring body and mind to the limit widens the horizon.”


The strategic partnership with the successful entrepreneur Johannes Weißengruber and the establishment of W & Kreisel GmbH marked an important milestone in the international expansion of the company.


Walter was invited from Solar.Future.Today, an association of the world’s most important influencers and characters of the energy transition, to participate in a discussion with Tony Seba (linkedin) and Heinz-Josef Fell (linkedin) in Abu Dhabi.


When he circumambulated Mount Kilimanjaro on his mountain bike, Walter developed a close relationship to Africa and it’s people. Back home, Walter decided to support the Karibu World Association – an NGO which runs orphanages in Africa and India and is closely working with the involving locals: “Each and every person on our planet, irrespective of origin, religion or gender, should get a chance for education and a life worth living”

Kreisel Systems

Due to the strong grow of his business, Walter restructured the company into a GmbH and established the division called KREISEL SYSTEMS as a cooperation partner of KREISEL ELECTRIC. The company demonstrated the potential of renewable energies in the stationary area with the development of AC chargers and innovative software solutions. In the same year, Walter and his team were assigned from KREISEL ELECTRIC to plan and implement the entire building concept of the
new high-tech research and development center. They developed a cutting-edge, self-sufficient and interconnected building automation system so that the building can run on power it generates by itself. The KREISEL ELECTRIC research and development center is one of the most innovative commercial buildings in Europe.


Another team success! In 2016, about 4,500 took part at the “MTB Salzkammergut Trophy”, one of the most challenging mountain bike competitions in Europe. Lukas Kaufmann, Alfred Schabauer and Walter were in the winner’s circle, reaching the phenomenal third place.


Together with Philipp Kreisel, Kurt Lengauer and Rajal Clemens, Walter became “Indoor Mountain Bike World Champion”. They started as a real outsider team, however, the team always followed their mutually agreed plans during the 24-hour race. 



During his MBA, Walter founded his company walterkreisel – HOMETEC and hired his first employee. The aim of his company was to provide other people with the same level of comfort and well-being as he and his family are enjoying in their home-based on renewable resources of course, with a minimal ecological footprint and lowest operational costs.


Walter decided to participate in a MBA program as a second education in 2011, which he graduated with “magna cum laude” in 2012. He enlarged and deepened his professional expertise with practical business knowledge.


Building and moving into his “intelligent home”, based on the model of Bill Gates. At that point of time, a smart home was absolutely innovative. Walter asked for support and help, but nobody was really able to assist him with his plans. So, he got it done on his own. With the fully automated, smart building, Walter was laying the foundation for his company’s future direction at the same time.


Hello twins! Walter became a father of Theo and Finn. In his talks and lectures, Walter always encourages his audience to look at the world through the curious eyes of children, to question objectives, to try things out and think differently.


While still an apprentice, he has set up his own department and succeeded in winning numerous awards with his innovative ideas for the joint family business. Walter’s ingenious Hi-Fi system in his first car was published and praised as “best practice” and a point of reference in numerous specialized media. The company grew significantly between 1996 and 2006 and RED ZAC Kreisel became well known across borders. In 2010, RED ZAC Kreisel received the AERA (Austrian Retailer Award), the most prestigious award in their industry, and was named as “Austria’s Best Specialist Retailer”.

What others say about him

Walter proactively rises to speak. And he is heard. He has a clear mission: to electrify the world – ideally, the whole one – with energy from renewable resources. On his way, he meets exciting and enriching personalities.

Hubert Rhomberg

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Author

“Curious, sustainable, open, visionary – these are the keywords that best describe Walter Kreisel.

I first met him in 2019 at “Interactive West”. At this event he spoke with impressive passion about climate issues and the necessity of the “Friday for Future” movement.

His statements appealed to me very much and showed that we think alike and are interested in holistic energy solutions. I look forward to the next exchange with him”.

Photo: Lisa Mathis

Rudolf Hilti

Serial Entrepreneur

“Walter is a courageous pioneer who sees the complexity of problems as an opportunity for change and strives to find sustainable solutions that are scalable in order to achieve the highest possible economic and ecological value contribution.“

Marc Buckley

Sustainability Advisor, Social Entrepreneur

„Walter is a visionary, creating solutions to solve our global grand challenges. He is a caring family man and sustainable entrepreneur who genuinely cares about humanity. He delivers systemic transformational infrastructure changes through planetary services for resilient desirable futures. Not only do I think so but the most important award for sustainability worldwide The Energy GIobe Award was given to him for Austria this year 2020. I gladly open my network of friends, change makers, and international organizations to Walter because I want to see that his vision and efforts are spread throughout the world.“


Speaker, author & entrepreneur

“I met Walter at the Fast Forward Forum in St Tropez, he was my fellow keynote speaker in his field of expertise. I was very impressed with his lateral and forward thinking of renewable energy solutions that coincided with my own plant based ways of saving the planet by saving the environment. He was an excellent speaker and I look forward to working with him in the future to help with my worldwide vision of plant based only eco-factories.”

Michael Altrichter

Business Angel & Impact Investor

“Walter KREISEL is not only a successful entrepreneur and distinguished personality, but is also committed to sustainable projects in order to strive for nothing less than making the world a better place. Good on you, Walter, we need more people like you!”

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Speaker, author & entrepreneur

„I met Walter while keynoting an event together. He is amazing at reading between the lines. As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, I recognize Walter’s ability to think outside the box, and drive to focus on world-changing ideas. Great addition to any event!“

Mag. Amelie Groß

Bundesvorsitzende der Jungen Wirtschaft

„Walter Kreisel gave an exciting keynote on the subject of innovation at our federal conference in front of around 1000 young entrepreneurs. His lecture was both inspiring and informative and inspired us all!“

Benjamin Ruschin

Co-Founder & Managing Director of WeAreDevelopers

“Walter is an amazing speaker – disruptive, entertaining, with a deep understanding of where the future will take us. We were delighted to have Walter speak at our WeAreDevelopers World Congress with more than 8,000 participants in Vienna. If you are looking for a high-level technologist, who can entertain and educate your audience, Walter is your man!”

Mathias Erich Gruber

Director, presenter, actor

“Walter Kreisel is an extraordinary personality. He thinks fast, big and above all in a collective and global context. He fascinates through his entrepreneurial expertise as well as through his creativity. A conversation with him inspires and boosts one’s own self.“

Mag. Dr. Josef Weißl, MBA

Executive Director of OBERBANK

“Walter KREISEL is a visionary thinker with his feet firmly on the ground. He knows how to create tangible solutions to the great challenges of our time with regard to climate protection.
To be congratulated!“


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