Walter is an amazing speaker - disruptive, entertaining, with a deep understanding of where the future will take us.

Benjamin Ruschin

Inspiring, thrilling, captivating

Amelie Groß

Walter, we definitely need more people like you!

Michael Altrichter

I met Walter while keynoting an event together. He is amazing at reading between the lines.

Robin Farmanfarmaian

I am impressed by Walter’s lateral and forward thinking of renewable energy solutions!

Heather Mills


Entrepreneur, leading driver of the energy transition, passionate mountainbiker and father of twins.

He inspires. He encourages. He enthrals and gives you food for thought. Walter KREISEL is convinced that we can “electrify” the world with renewable energies. As a successful entrepreneur, he proves this on a daily basis. As a visionary and passionate advocate of the energy transition, he sheds light on the past, questions the status quo and, in his unique and fascinating way, manages to identify solutions that seem to be directly attainable and also create economic added value.










Walter thinks holistically, acts in a sustainable manner and sets himself clear goals. All this is also reflected in his personal milestones.


While still an apprentice, he set up his own department and succeeded in winning numerous awards for the joint family business with his innovative ideas. Walter’s ingenious hi-fi system in his first car was praised as best practice & a point of reference by numerous specialist media. The company grew many times over between 1996 and 2006, and RED ZAC Kreisel became well known across borders. In 2010, they received the AERA (Austrian Retailer Award), the most prestigious award in their industry, and were named Austria’s best specialist retailer.

2008 / MINDSET

The twins Theo and Finn are born- looking at the world through the curious eyes of children, questioning things, trying things out, thinking differently – this is what he still encourages in his lectures today.


Building and moving into his own intelligent house based on the model of Bill Gates. At that time, smart homes were still a thing of the future. As nobody was able to assist him in this endeavour, he set out to build a fully automated, intelligent house on his own, thus laying the foundation for the future orientation of the company.

2011 / MBA

Walter decided to pursue a MBA in second-chance education in 2011 and graduated with magna cum laude in 2012. He was thus able to broaden his professional expertise with practical business knowledge.


While still a student, Walter founded his company walterkreisel – HOMETEC and hired his first employee. The aim of his company was to provide other people with the same level of comfort and well-being as he enjoyed in his own home – on the basis of renewable resources, with a minimal ecological footprint and the lowest running costs possible.


Walter became Indoor Mountain Bike World Champion together with Philipp Kreisel, Kurt Lengauer and Rajal Clemens. Competing as an outsider team, they kept to the jointly developed plan at all times during the 24-hour race.


Another team victory! At the MTB Salzkammergut Trophy race which, with its 4,500 starters, is one of the most challenging races in Europe, Walter, Lukas Kaufmann and Alfred Schabauer were presented with the trophy up on the podium for the fantastic achievement of coming in third.


Walter and his company established the KREISEL SYSTEMS division as a cooperation partner of KREISEL ELECTRIC, which has since been restructured into a limited liability company. With the development of AC chargers and innovative software solutions, he has demonstrated the potential of renewable energies in the stationary area. In the same year, Walter and his team were commissioned by KREISEL ELECTRIC to fit the new headquarters with an innovative, integral building automation system. All systems in the energy self-sufficient research and development centre are interconnected within the framework of innovative energy management. The building is one of the most innovative commercial buildings in Europe.

2018 / KARIBU

Ever since he circumnavigated Mount Kilimanjaro on his mountain bike, Walter Kreisel has had a particularly intimate relationship with Africa and its people. Walter thus supports the Karibu world association, which runs orphanages in Africa and India, and is always actively involved in local projects: “Every person on our planet, irrespective of origin, religion or gender, should get a chance in life!”


At the invitation of Solar.Future.Today, an association of the world’s most important influencers driving forward the energy transition, Walter participated in a discussion with influential personalities such as Tony Seba (linkedin) and Heinz-Josef Felll (linkedin) in Abu Dhabi.


The strategic partnership with the entrepreneur Johannes Weißengruber and the joint foundation of W & Kreisel GmbH marked an important milestone in the international expansion of the company.

That’s what others say

Walter is eager to speak out. And he always finds a willing audience. He has a clear mission: to make the world a better place for everyone – with the support of many comrades-in-arms.

Michael Altrichter

Business Angel & Impact Investor

“Walter KREISEL is not only a successful entrepreneur and distinguished personality, but is also committed to sustainable projects in order to strive for nothing less than making the world a better place. Good on you, Walter, we need more people like you!”

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Speaker, author & entrepreneur

„I met Walter while keynoting an event together. He is amazing at reading between the lines. As a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, I recognize Walter’s ability to think outside the box, and drive to focus on world-changing ideas. Great addition to any event!“

Mag. Dr. Josef Weißl, MBA,

Executive Director of OBERBANK

“Walter KREISEL is a visionary thinker with his feet firmly on the ground. He knows how to create tangible solutions to the great challenges of our time with regard to climate protection.
To be congratulated!“


Speaker, author & entrepreneur

“I met Walter at the Fast Forward Forum in St Tropez, he was my fellow keynote speaker in his field of expertise. I was very impressed with his lateral and forward thinking of renewable energy solutions that coincided with my own plant based ways of saving the planet by saving the environment. He was an excellent speaker and I look forward to working with him in the future to help with my worldwide vision of plant based only eco-factories.”

Mag. Amelie Groß

Bundesvorsitzende der Jungen Wirtschaft

„Walter KREISEL  hielt bei unserer Bundestagung vor rund 1000 jungen Unternehmern eine spannende Keynote zum Thema Innovation. Sein Vortrag war sowohl mitreißend als auch informativ und hat uns alle begeistert!“

Benjamin Ruschin

Co-Founder & Managing Director of WeAreDevelopers

“Walter is an amazing speaker – disruptive, entertaining, with a deep understanding of where the future will take us. We were delighted to have Walter speak at our WeAreDevelopers World Congress with more than 8,000 participants in Vienna. If you are looking for a high-level technologist, who can entertain and educate your audience, Walter is your man!”


Selected media reports on Walter.



Radio interview on 5 October at 7:05 p.m. as part of the report: Electricity for the Future- Rethinking Electricity with Walter Kreisel during the science programme “Dimensions”


Here you can find further information on Walter KREISEL.


Read more about Walter and learn about his opinions, views and beliefs.

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